The Pennine Derbies
Burnley, Leeds, Todmorden and Me
By Dave Thomas

This is a book about growing up, becoming a Burnley supporter, schooldays, college days, teaching and becoming a Headmaster, and then in 2002 writing football books.

It begins in small-town Todmorden where Dave Thomas grew up and ends up in Leeds where he now lives.

All the way through are reports of all the post-war games between Burnley and Leeds up until 2005. A follow-up book is in the pipeline taking all these stories up until the present day. It was living in Leeds but supporting Burnley that gave him the idea of a book about games between the two clubs.

It is not a history of either club although there are brief mentions of some of the key events. The tag Dirty Leeds is still applied to the club by many Burnley supporters with long memories, although Bielsa finally produced a team worthy of admiration. Both clubs have had more ups and downs than a fiddler’s elbow. Over the years he has been at many of the games and met many of the players.

Away from football he has met a range of characters, has had many laughs and gathered no end of anecdotes about his time as a Headmaster in South Leeds, or before that as a Deputy Headmaster in suburban Leeds.

His travels have taken him to many places with the Supporters Club and he has followed Burnley’s fortunes from New York to Lefkatha, from Dubai to Yeovil, from Disney World to Doncaster.