Dave Thomas spent his first twenty years in Todmorden near Burnley until College and matrimony took him away from his roots. His love however for Burnley Football Club has never diminished.

“Dave Thomas has converted me to the joys of supporting the underdog to endless possibilities.”

Luckily marriage only took him as far away as Leeds where he has lived for over 35 years. In Leeds he was a Headteacher until he decided that he could do no more for the nation’s ungrateful children most of whom thought it very funny that he was a Burnley supporter.

“Any supporter who attends games home or away will instantly recognise Dave’s ramblings, car travel, coach travel, overnight accomodation, pubs and food… no matter which team you support, you will not be disappointed.”

His career as a professional footballer never really got off the ground. In his one season as school centre forward he scored just one goal. Sadly scouts flocked in the other direction. His one claim to fame is that he did actually teach Dean West the former Burnley full back.

“Dave Thomas is such a guilty pleasure for me.”

As well as the books he has written many articles for The Times Educational Supplement, none of them serious, and had several short stories published about his (sometimes) hilarious time as a Head teacher in a small village school near Leeds. His books and dinners have raised thousands of pounds for the club.

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