No Nay NeverThis hardback substantial book takes a serious look at various figures, personalities and events featuring in the long history of Burnley FC.

The book is structured around the work of eminent sportswriters and journalists who over the years have written substantial pieces about the club.

In addition to those books which are solely about Burnley FC, there are many others of a more general nature, but which contain chapters or sections which feature the Clarets.

Perhaps the best example is Hunter Davies’ book ‘The Glory Game’ which is about a year in the life of Tottenham Hotspur, but which contains a marvellous chapter on the transfer of Ralph Coates from Burnley to Spurs.

Dave Thomas has searched high and low in order to track down as many Burnley features as he can and has spent months seeking copyright permission to use them to create an anthology of what might be called the best of Burnley writing. Linking all these pieces by writers such as Hunter Davies, Simon Inglis, Colin Schindler, David McVay, John Moynihan, John Aizlewood, Stuart Hall, Matthew Engel, and Ian Wooldridge are interviews and features written by Dave Thomas. In addition, Andrew Firmin, Phil Whalley and Tim Quelch of The London Clarets have made substantial contributions along with local writers Stephen Cummings and Tony Scholes.

Phil Whalley interviewed John Bond, and Tim Quelch interviewed Steve Kindon specifically for chapters in the new book.

During the writing, Margaret and Barbara Lord, John Jackson, Frank Teasdale, Albert Maddox, Jimmy McIlroy, Paul Fletcher, Steve Kindon, Martin Dobson, Dave Thomas, Colin Waldron, Derek Scott, John Bond, Willie Irvine, and Andy Lochhead all gave generously of their time whilst the club opened its fascinating archive collection for inspection.

The book has a Foreword by Alastair Campbell and the chapters feature Tommy Lawton, Tommy Cummings, Jimmy McIlroy, Bob Lord, Andy Lochhead, Willie Irvine, Dave Thomas, Steve Kindon, Ralph Coates, Paul Fletcher, Colin Waldron, Mike Summerbee, The John Bond Season, The Orient Game, and The Chris Waddle season.

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