The biography of Football’s most controversial chairman

This is the story of Burnley Chairman Bob Lord who ruled the club from 1955 to 1981, overseeing 20 years of success and then six years of decline and near bankruptcy. It is reasonable to say that this is the book that Burnley fans, and anyone that has an interest in football history, have been waiting for. It tells the story of his butchers’ empire, membership of the Freemasons and how he became chairman of the club.

“I tread on people’s corns,” he once said.

His contribution to the town in terms of providing employment over many years was hugely significant. His contribution to the football club was unique and far-reaching. His triumphs were numerous before the golden years declined.

Along the way he stoked controversy and confrontations. He was forthright and blunt in his decisions. Many of his football predictions came true, the rise of the city clubs, the dominance of television, European leagues, and professional referees. Ironically his predictions that small town clubs would become insignificant was the one that he got wrong. It was his own club Burnley that in its fourth consecutive season of Premier football disproved his forecast. If he could see where they are now he would be astonished. This book is the result of years of work and research, dozens of interviews and innumerable resources. Lord’s name is up there with Shankly, Busby, and Clough in the story of the game.


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