Defiant to the End

How Burnley almost defied the odds to stay in the Premier League in 2014/15 When Burnley took their place in the Premier League again at the beginning of season 2014/15, just about every media pundit and expert in the land predicted they would be hopelessly out of their depth and no doubt humiliated. By the…

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A Bee Named Bertie

We all have dreams. This is the story, along with pictures by Peter Chippendale, of how Bertie achieved his own dream, becoming the mascot at Burnley Football Club. A Bee Named Bertie is available exclusively in the Club shop.

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Magical: A Life in Football

Paul Fletcher was a member of the famed team of 1972 to 1975 at Burnley FC. It so nearly became the Team of the Seventies. He was one of the best headers of a football ever at Turf Moor. After his playing career ended at Blackpool he went on to become an after-dinner speaker, motivational…

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Entertainment, Heroes and Villains

Entertainment, Heroes and Villains

This substantial book begins with chapters on Owen Coyle’s predecessor at Turf Moor, Steve Cotterill and the foundations he laid for the later success that Owen Coyle brought; promotion, Wembley, Carling Cup nights and the Premiership. It examines the saga of Owen Coyle at Burnley Football Club and the controversial walk-out that stunned Burnley. As…

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Jimmy McIlroy

Jimmy Mac: The Books

Dave Thomas has now completed work with Jimmy McIlroy on both a biography and a very special and prestigious ‘coffee table’ scrapbook. THE BIOGRAPHY Jimmy is regarded as Burnley’s greatest ever player and still lives in the town. The biography looks in detail at his life, humble beginnings and career at Glentoran, Burnley, Stoke City…

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No Nay Never Vol II

No Nay Never Volume 2

From Charles Sutcliffe to Jimmy Hogan during the club’s early years; from the 1947 Cup Final to the 1962 Cup Final; from games against Rochdale during the wilderness years to games against Manchester United in the glory years; the Clarets have a history that is rich and varied. Within the pages of this second volume…

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Russians Don't Land Here

Russians Don’t Land Here

If you enjoyed It’s Burnley Not Barcelona by Dave Thomas you will enjoy 2006/07 Russians Don’t Land Here. As the name suggests this is the story of the season, and mixed in are player profiles, interviews with the chairman Barry Kilby, the chief exec Dave Edmundson, head of youth development Vince Overson, director Ray Griffiths,…

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Margaret and Harry Potts

Harry Potts: Margaret’s Story

This book, in words and illustrations, tells the story of Burnley manager Harry Potts, whose partnership with chairman Bob Lord produced the club’s greatest years in the sixties. The Potts story is told through the eyes of his wife Margaret and through the narrative of writer Dave Thomas. Their interwoven stories tell of the love…

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Willie Irvine

Willie Irvine: Together Again

Written by Dave Thomas, this book tells the remarkable story of Willie Irvine from his boyhood days in Northern Ireland up until the present day. Willie was one of a family of 8 brothers and sisters and had several stepbrothers and sisters that he never knew. When his father died in 1944 with Willie only…

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no nay 2 cover

No Nay Never: A Burnley FC Anthology

This hardback substantial book takes a serious look at various figures, personalities and events featuring in the long history of Burnley FC. The book is structured around the work of eminent sportswriters and journalists who over the years have written substantial pieces about the club. In addition to those books which are solely about Burnley…

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It's Burnley Not Barcelona

It’s Burnley Not Barcelona

This book charts and describes a most peculiar season (2002/03), it does so with wit, humour and more than just a few laugh out loud bits. Games are accompanied by Brysonish descriptions of other towns be they Bradford or Blackpool. Did you know for example that over half the world’s horse manure can be found…

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